Anonymous said: As a man who loves boobs in general, big, small, muscular, I would like to thank and send my deep appreciation to all women with big boobs. I heard from many the difficulties about it. I can't help but to love and adore women with big boobs. It's a turn on. With that being said, I understand the frustration and the aches, and us men got to show more tender love and care to that. I respect all women of all breast sizes. Women with big boobs, thank you.


Well thanks! At least one man understands the struggle.

thanks dawg

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i’m sorry for my entire life

It’s the last panel that really makes this post.


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this is me

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Cat what are you doin. [vid]

uh how?

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I know

It might be bitching but I wish people could empathize with shit I’ve been through in the past. I know I’m better for it but it still happened and really blew.

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This picture is beautiful idk why

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The Dilemma

I follow more and more shit hoping to slightly water down the overwhelming deluge of porn on my tumblr. It will not have it.

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Cat Burger


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